Bespoke.Common NamespaceBespoke Osc Library
Bespoke Common Utility Library

Public classAssert
Provides a set of methods to verify conditions.
Public classCommandLineParser
Command-line parsing class.
Public classExceptionEventArgs
Data for exception events.
Public classInputManager
Helper class for keyboard and mouse input.
Public classNode T 
A single-parented node forming a tree structure.
Public classNodeCollection T 
A collection of nodes, forming a tree structure.
Public classObjectRegistry
General-purpose container for associating objects with string names.
Public classRandomHelper
Helper class for random numbers.
Public classServiceContainer
Container class which implements the IServiceProvider interface. Used to pass shared services between components.
Public classServiceManager
Helper class for managing Windows services.
Public classSubArray T 
Represented a subset of an array,
Public classUtility
General-Purpose utility functions.

Public enumerationInputManager KeyEventType
Set of valid keyboard events.
Public enumerationInputManager MouseButtons
Set of mouse buttons.
Public enumerationInputManager VKeys
Virtual key codes.
Public enumerationModifierKeys
Set of keyboard modifier keys.