TcpServer ClassBespoke Osc Library
A multi-threaded Tcp server.
Inheritance Hierarchy

OnlineSystem Object
  Bespoke.Common.Net IPServer
    Bespoke.Common.Net TcpServer

Namespace: Bespoke.Common.Net
Assembly: Bespoke.Common (in Bespoke.Common.dll) Version: (

Public Class TcpServer _
	Inherits IPServer _
	Implements IDisposable

Data can be received automatically, by the connections established by the TcpServer by setting ReceiveDataInline to true during instantiation (the default behavior). This establishes asynchronous reception of Tcp messages framed using a 4-byte integer containing the length of the message. The DataReceived event is raised as complete messages are received. Users can perform their own message handling by setting ReceiveDataInline to false and listening for Connected events.
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