Bespoke.Common.Osc NamespaceBespoke Osc Library
Bespoke Open Sound Control Library

Public classOscBundle
Represents a bundle of OscMessage and other OscBundle objects.
Public classOscBundleReceivedEventArgs
Arguments for bundle received events.
Public classOscClient
Represents a TCP/IP client-side connection.
Public classOscMessage
Represents an Osc Message packet.
Public classOscMessageReceivedEventArgs
Arguments for message received events.
Public classOscPacket
Represents the base unit of transmission for the Open Sound Control protocol.
Public classOscPacketReceivedEventArgs
Arguments for packet received events.
Public classOscServer
Listens for and processes incoming Open Sound Control packets.
Public classOscTimeTag
Represents an Osc Time Tag.