Bespoke Multi-Touch Framework
ClassifiedSymbol Constructor (symbol, probability)
NamespacesBespoke.MultiTouch.Framework.InkClassifiedSymbolClassifiedSymbol(TrainedSymbol, Double)
Creates a new instance of ClassifiedSymbol.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public ClassifiedSymbol(
	TrainedSymbol symbol,
	double probability
Public Sub New ( _
	symbol As TrainedSymbol, _
	probability As Double _
	TrainedSymbol^ symbol, 
	double probability
symbol (TrainedSymbol)
The trained symbol that's been classified
probability (Double)
The probability (0.0-1.0) that this classification is correct.

Assembly: Bespoke.MultiTouch.Framework (Module: Bespoke.MultiTouch.Framework) Version: (