Bespoke Multi-Touch Framework
Inequality Operator
NamespacesBespoke.MultiTouch.FrameworkFtirPointInequality(FtirPoint, FtirPoint)
Tests a point for inequality with another point.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public static bool operator !=(
	FtirPoint lhs,
	FtirPoint rhs
Public Shared Operator <> ( _
	lhs As FtirPoint, _
	rhs As FtirPoint _
) As Boolean
static bool operator !=(
	FtirPoint^ lhs, 
	FtirPoint^ rhs
lhs (FtirPoint)
The point on the left of the equal sign.
rhs (FtirPoint)
The point on the right of the equal sign.
Return Value
true if the points are note equal; false otherwise.

Assembly: Bespoke.MultiTouch.Framework (Module: Bespoke.MultiTouch.Framework) Version: (