Bespoke Multi-Touch Framework
CalibrationTable Constructor (rows, columns, calibrationPoints)
NamespacesBespoke.MultiTouch.FrameworkCalibrationTableCalibrationTable(Int32, Int32, CalibrationPointCollection)
Creates a new instance of CalibrationTable.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public CalibrationTable(
	int rows,
	int columns,
	CalibrationPointCollection calibrationPoints
Public Sub New ( _
	rows As Integer, _
	columns As Integer, _
	calibrationPoints As CalibrationPointCollection _
	int rows, 
	int columns, 
	CalibrationPointCollection^ calibrationPoints
rows (Int32)
The number of rows.
columns (Int32)
The number of columns.
calibrationPoints (CalibrationPointCollection)
The calibration points used to generate the calibration table.

Assembly: Bespoke.MultiTouch.Framework (Module: Bespoke.MultiTouch.Framework) Version: (