Bespoke Multi-Touch Framework
Stroke Constructor (id, ftirPoints, sigma)
NamespacesBespoke.MultiTouch.Framework.InkStrokeStroke(Guid, IEnumerable<(Of <(FtirPoint>)>), Int32)
Creates a new instance of Stroke.
Declaration Syntax
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public Stroke(
	Guid id,
	IEnumerable<FtirPoint> ftirPoints,
	int sigma
Public Sub New ( _
	id As Guid, _
	ftirPoints As IEnumerable(Of FtirPoint), _
	sigma As Integer _
	Guid id, 
	IEnumerable<FtirPoint^>^ ftirPoints, 
	int sigma
id (Guid)
The unique identifier of the stroke.
ftirPoints (IEnumerable<(Of <(FtirPoint>)>))
A collection of points to initialize the stroke with.
sigma (Int32)
The smoothing factor.

Assembly: Bespoke.MultiTouch.Framework (Module: Bespoke.MultiTouch.Framework) Version: (