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BrainStem.NET Library – Intro

Since my last post I’ve been busy working on the Acroname BrainStem library. I want to give a brief background on this part of the project; follow this link to skip directly to a more detailed description, including downloads.

I chose the Acroname BrainStem GP 1.0 module as the microcontroller for the Andii project. This product has a ton of features in a very small package. I was particularly impressed with the multitude of supported platforms for their software libraries. They have C and Java libraries for Windows, MacOS, PalmOS, WinCE, and Linux. However, there was no native support for .NET. Practically all of my work of the past two years has been in C#, and quite frankly — I’m hooked. While it’s possible to import the various BrainStem methods into C# or write a managed C++ wrapper, I really wanted a native .NET libray.

Using the BrainStem’s serial protocol, and .NET 2.0, I’ve written a library that exposes most of the BrainStem’s functionality. I chose .NET 2.0 because of the new SerialPort class. On the more detailed page, I’ve included screen shots, documentation, and all of the source code. You’ll need Visual Studio .NET 2005 Beta 2 to compile it. If you have any questions please let me know.