Update to BrainStem.NET Library

I’ve updated the BrainStem.NET Library to use the released version of Visual Studio 2005. I did a very minor update to the code, just a cleanup pass. If you have any trouble with this release, please let me know.

I wanted to briefly mention a couple of points about the robot. You can see these in the images from the last post. First, are the batteries I went with to power the BrainStem and the motherboard. The motherboard’s battery is a BG 10-14-88 and the BrainStem’s is a BG 6-12-44 both from batterygeek.net. These are excellent batteries, and I’d happily recommend batterygeek.net if you’re in the market.

I could have powered both componenets from the same battery, but I was of the mind to give the BrainStem its own power source. Also, I’ve used the BrainStem for other applications (gotta show you last Halloween’s Robotic Pumpkin — future post) and having the second battery has paid off. I haven’t done a test on the total run-time of either battery, but it’s at least a few hours on the PC, and the BrainStem’s battery seems to run forever without needing a charge.

I cooked up a small switch for supplying power to the BrainStem (see image) and the stand you see is to keep the thing from running away from me while testing. It’ll easily top 20mph, and I’m a little skittish about all the gear that’s along for the ride. (Please refrain from jokes about the Home Depot special on the stand… I’m a software engineer, and have no business wielding a screwdriver, let alone power tools.)

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