Andii the navigating Robot…

… many other functions. (Ok, poor reference to The Dark Tower.) I started working on this project a couple of months ago. This is a prototype for a larger project whose purpose was inspired by DARPA’s Grand Challenge. I wanted to experiment with remote control, telemetry, autonomous operation, navigation, and obstacle avoidance. So I started looking for parts, software, and what others had done that was similar to what I had in mind. Here’s a list of the major components I started with:

Andii Parts

There are a number of ancillary parts, including:

I’m sure I’ve left some stuff out, but this is a good starting point. And I’ve been building a pretty good electronics bench over the years, and can’t stress enough the importance of tools and miscellaneous cables and components my wife insists are “junk”.

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  1. franz on December 28th, 2005

    This looks nice. I think the E-maxx is a good one.

    I also build a robot that is nearly the same than yours. I also use the same VIA Board but a different RC Car as base (twin detonator). At the moment i can controll the robot via WLAN and it will not crash somewhere because of distance sensors around it.

    Because of i have to switch to a dfferent RC car I would be pelased if you can tell me your E-Maxx can cary 6-7kg?


  2. Paul on December 29th, 2005

    Hi Franz,

    You’re talking about 13-15 pounds, that’s pushing it. Mine is loaded down with about 8 pounds ~3.6kg, but it still has plenty of muscle left in the motors. I replaced the stock springs with the stiffest set I could find to keep the weight from bottoming the suspension out. I don’t know about 15 pounds though.


  3. Jordo on February 25th, 2008

    Franz, I doubt the stock 14.8v or even the new 16.8v Titan motors can handle that well. Those are 550 cans, but a swap to larger 700 or 970 can motors for roughly $80 would give it a swift boost in sheer torque and towing capacity. A jump to a brushless system for around $230 , and it will roar at 50 mph, and I would imagine be considered a deadly weapon. Towing at with brushless power would most likely be over 2.5 times the stock, so long as it was powered by Lipo batteries.
    The other issue is the fact that stock emaxx comes with 2 manual gears. High RPMs in first gear wouldn’t display true potential of the engines. Motor/speed control (esc), gearing, and voltage output (batteries) are the three ingrediants of power.

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