Multi-touch Mouse Emulator

I’ve added a mouse emulator to the Bespoke Multi-Touch Framework. The emulator is UI independent and passes mouse messages to the operating system. I’ve included a GUI that runs in the Windows systray and allows the emulator to be started/paused/stopped and for various settings to be adjusted. The gestures are:

Single point
Press and hold – Mouse move
Press briefly – Left click

Two points
Two brief touches next to each other. Move the mouse and double click
Press and hold right point and tap to the left. Left click
Press and hold left point and tap to the right. Right click
Press and hold left point and drag right point vertically– Mouse wheel
Press and hold bottom point and drag top point horizontally – Alt-tab (not actually a mouse command, but seemed useful)

Below are a couple of demonstration videos. The first is just on the Windows desktop, and the second video is a brief game of Starcraft.


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  1. Alex on July 28th, 2008

    Really nice Paul – I get super excited about the StarCraft interface – it looks very tactile. I could imagine that a game designed around such an interface would be pretty immersive.

    I tried out a TouchStream multi-touch keyboard a while ago – it’s in my closet at the moment but it’s pretty cool. It isn’t on a screen, of course, but it has a lot of interesting interface ideas, as well as a pretty neat gesture library/editor.

    Their website is:

  2. Paul on July 31st, 2008

    Thanks Alex,

    I appreciate the positive feedback. I’ve heard about the TouchStream, pretty cool stuff. I’ve got ideas to add plugable implementations that allow users to write custom event handlers for gestures. Perhaps this is something similar to what the TouchStream guys did.

    Hope things are going well for you.


  3. juan on June 1st, 2010


    You made a great jod here. Congratulations!!!

    I have been experiment by myself and i have problems running the mouse emulator under windows.

    I downloaded but it doesn’t work. I have installed the 2.0 net framework.

    What should I do?



  4. Paul on June 1st, 2010

    Hi Juan,

    If you wouldn’t mind, let’s take this discussion to the Forums section on this website (

    In the forums, please post the specific problem you’re seeing. What specifically doesn’t work? Are you trying to recompile the application using Visual Studio 2008? Or are you simply running the pre-compiled binaries? If the latter, do you have a DirectShow compatible camera (most any webcam) connected to your computer?


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  6. L3C on October 22nd, 2014

    Hey Paul,

    I know several flight simulations where you can use the mouse in the cockpits, but touchscreens does not work properly because the input system use relative and not absolute screen coordinates.

    I dont know how did you write your emulator, but is there any chance it might solve this problem ? I dont have a touchscreen, so I cant test for myself.

    Thanks in advance !

  7. Paul on October 31st, 2014

    Hello L3C,

    It’s certainly possible. You’re welcome to download the source code and give it a shot. But yeah, you’d need access to a touchscreen.

    In a nutshell, the mouse emulator listens to input from a multi-touch device (either directly connected or over the network). It then maps movement and gestures to the Win32 SendInput() function. And the position of the mouse is tied to the touch input(s) — as you stated, it’s not relative movement from the last position of the mouse — it’s moves to where your finger is. The demo videos demonstrate this behavior.

    And because this emulator works through the Win32 API, and runs as a service that doesn’t need application focus, it can be used with any application that accepts mouse input.

    As an aside, I’ve updated this website to There’s a forum there that I watch more closely. You might want to use that system in the future (I check that more frequently and will reply quicker).

    Good luck!


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