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New Camera SDK (optitrack) Wrapper

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2:34 pm
December 19, 2010



Have you been able to develop a net wrapper for new Camera sdk of optitrack???

i am trying but i dont know how to start, and there is no support in natural point.


8:37 pm
December 19, 2010



posts 49

Hello Alvaro,

The OptiTrack SDK (at least the version I'm using in my 3DUI Framework) is a COM assembly which is immediately usable through .NET. It's not a native .NET assembly of course, but the .NET COM/Interop system allows such libraries to be consumed without any special effort.

Indeed, if you examine the TrackIRTestbed sample, you'll see a reference to Interop.OptiTrack.dll. That dll was automagically created when I referenced the OptiTrack COM assembly. Essentially, the Interop system creates the .NET wrapper you're referring to.

If NaturalPoint has issued a new SDK, then I'm betting it too is a COM library. If so, using it within .NET is as simple as installing the OptiTrack SDK, and adding a reference to the updated OptiTrack library to your .NET project. You'll find COM libraries under the COM tab of the Add Reference dialog box.


3:09 pm
December 21, 2010



The thing is, that new camera sdk is not com, is c/c++ so must have a wrapper for using in c# ,  and wrapping the dll is difficult and tedious, so i will wait untill natual point publish an exaple.

Thank you.

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