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Virtual Reality game development based on XNA that uses C# and Wii remote

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2:23 pm
September 5, 2011


Sri Lanka

New Member

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Dear Sir/Madam,


Asking help for a Virtual Reality game development based
on XNA that uses C# and Wii remote


About me

I am a student from Sri Lanka following a Computer
Systems and networking degree


About project

I am currently developing a virtual reality cricket
batting training software/equipment. There I am using XNA (3.1) as my game
environment and using C# as language.

By this equipment I am going to give the user an actual
cricket bat with attached Wii remote (with motion plus) in it. A virtual bat (designed
using 3D max) in the XNA environment should move according to the actual bat.
Then in the XNA environment I am generating a virtual ball and when it comes to
the user, user can see it using a head-up display or any other display and user
will play the shot using his actual bat with Wii remote according to the
movement of the actual bat virtual bat in the XNA will move and hit the virtual


What I have done so far?

Up to now I have created the virtual environment (with
basic graphics) and kind of virtual bat. Also few types of virtual ball
deliveries. By using the keyboard I can control the virtual bat (3D bat in the
XNA environment) and hit the generated virtual ball and if the bat hit the ball
it will successfully projectile according to the shot.


My main questions


Is it possible to use Wii remote to control (rotate,
swing, tilt) a 3D object in XNA using C# language.


Is it possible to use Wii remote use as a head tracking
unit in XNA environment that uses C# language, in a first person shooter game
like game.


My scenarios


I have try out Mr. Johnny Lee’s program that uses Wii
remote for head tracking, it work about 80% for me. I have some problems with
it. When I use it in a lighted environment with florescent light it will not
work properly, I thought that it because florescent make some IR rays and make
Wii remote to work not properly. Anyway up to 80% is ok for me.

I have another question to ask from you I try to
integrate Mr. Johnny Lee’s coding with the XNA C# code in my project but Mr.
Johnny Lee’s code is very long and large so it makes lot of difficulties when
integrate it. So I would like to ask that is it possible to use Mr. Johnny
Lee’s code segment in XNA environment and how can I do it, can you please help
me where I can find kind of tutorials for that or some sample codes.


I am trying to use the WiimoteLib (Version 1.8) that compatible to Wii motion plus, by using
that I can now able to see the coordinates and other details of the Wii remote
by using the windows form application. Means successfully run the given

But I faced lot difficulties when I try to use the WiimoteLib in the my coding environment, actually
I cannot connect the Wii remote to the my C# coding successfully.

And next I want to map the coordinates
that I see in the WiimoteLib to the virtual bat in the XNA environment and move
the virtual bat in the XNA environment when I move the Wii remote. (Actually
developer of this library Mr. Brian peek mailed me that when I asked about this
it kind of not possible thing by using his library)

So I would like to ask what the other
ways that I can do it.


From where, I can get some sort of
sample codes, learning materials, tutorials related to control a 3D object in
XNA environment (C#) using Wii remote.


Thank you for your consideration and
valuable time.


It’s a great pleasure if you could send
me a positive answer.


Please help me on this sir I am now in
big trouble, because I will miss my project without this part, so please help
me sir.


Yours sincerely,

Darshana Perera.

8:10 pm
September 5, 2011



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Hello Darshana,

To answer your main questions, yes it is possible to use the Wiimote to manipulate a 3D object using XNA in the C# language. And yes, it is possible the Wiimote for head tracking in XNA and C#. Indeed, my 3DUI XNA Framework has been used extensively with Wiimote input and in the fashion you're describing.

To your secondary question — "where can you get some soft of sample code or tutorials" — I know of no tutorials or sample code that walk you through how to do this. Johhny Lee's material is where I would have directed you for head tracking. If you had difficult integrating his work with your own, I'm not sure what to tell you.


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