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10:29 am
May 23, 2010



Hi,  do you have any manual about working with the worldwriter
Thank you

1:44 pm
May 23, 2010



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Post edited 1:45 pm – May 23, 2010 by Paul

Alvaro said:

Hi,  do you have any manual about working with the worldwriter

Thank you

Hi Alvaro,

I have a few videos you might reference at:

These videos don't replace a manual, and the second two are on the particle authoring system in particular, but they might help. Essentially, the WorldWriter is a scene authoring tool for the Bespoke 3DUI XNA Framework. It exposes the concept of a "Content Library" and a "Scene". A content library is a set of raw assets that the can be compiled by the framework. These asset types include: models, fonts, effects (HLSL shaders), textures, sprite sheets, videos, and height maps for terrain. The compiled versions of these assets are .xnb files — files are are processed and subsequently consumed by the XNA content pipeline.

Scene objects, presented through the WorldWriter Scene Explorer window and visualized through the Scene window, generally rely on compiled assets. These include: actors, 2D strings, quads, videos, and particle emitters. Objects placed in the scene can be manipulated through the toolbox — specifically, translation, rotation, and scale — and through the property editor. Scenes can be saved to an Xml format, for subsequent loading through the SceneLoader class.

Hopefully, this is enough to get you started. If you have any questions, just shout.




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