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Mouse Emulator Calibration Please


3:57 am
July 21, 2011


New Member

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Someone can tell me how to calibrate the Mouse Emulator Please

To calibrate the cameras saturation, treshold, filtering and blob size thanks 

8:55 am
August 1, 2011



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Hello Hisashi,

I recommend that you look at the CalibrationDemo as your guide — the resulting settings and calibration table can then be used within the Mouse Emulator. It will be hit-or-miss trying to setup your multi-touch platform directly against the mouse emulator.

That said, you're asking two different questions, one for calibration and the other for image/camera configuration. I recommend configuring your camera first, and calibrating once you get decent blob detection. Specifically, you'll edit the "imaging" element of the Bespoke.MultiTouch.Framework.config file. There are a number of settings there you'll likely need to modify, including: rotateFilp, binaryFilterThreshold, minBlobWidth/Height, and vertical/HorizontalScale.

rotateFlip orients the camera to correspond with the projected image. This is the System.Drawing.RotateFlipType enumeration.

binaryFilterThreshold is an 8-bit value (0-255) that treats pixels above the specified value as fully-on (white) and below as fully-off (black). You'll have to play with this value to find a setting that works well for your hardware.

minBlobWidth/Height allows the Bespoke Multi-Touch Framework to filter out blobs that are smaller than the supplied values. This helps filter noise.

vertical/HorizontalScale is the ratio between the camera's resolution and the projected image. For example, if your camera's resolution is 300x240 and your projecting a 1200x1080 image, your verticalScale will be 3.75 and your horizontalScale will be 4.5.

Once you've settled on these values, calibration is most easily performed through the CalibrationDemo included as source code or pre-compiled binary in the respective "Samples" sections of the distribution. Simply press 'C' to begin calibration — you'll see a cross appear in the 4 corners of the screen and you'll press on the center of each cross to calibrate. When the 4 points have been collected, you'll find a .calibration file in the same directory as the calibration demo executable. Rename that as you see fit, and reference the file within the Bespoke.MultiTouch.Framework.config file. 

Hope this helps. Shout if you have any questions.



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