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Virtual touchpad

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1:49 pm
October 4, 2010



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Originally posted in the comments by Inquisitor:

Has anyone seen a virtual touchpad?

I would like to define a small “virtual touchpad” area on my touchscreen and use it as a virtual mouse so that I can move the pointer to second or third screen that are not touch screens.

Any advice is much appreciated!


This can certainly be done. You'd first tie your monitors together through a traditional video card with support for multiple displays (or multiple video cards with single or multiple displays). That'd give you typical mouse movement across displays — a virtual desktop. Then it's simply a matter of mouse emulation on your multi-touch platform. My multi-touch library includes a mouse emulator.

If you're talking about entirely separate platforms — two computers: multi-touch and traditional desktop — then you'll need network communication to accomplish the same task. My multi-touch framework already includes support for a remote multi-touch platform, so if you're using my library then having the remote'd platform move the mouse around couldn't be easier. If you're using another multi-touch library, but need a simple networking library, my Open Sound Control project might help you along those lines.


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