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I2C Communications with Brainstem .NET library?

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7:02 pm
February 12, 2011



what is the best way to use the I2C bus with your API?

9:50 pm
February 12, 2011



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Hi Evangelos,

There's an existing WriteIicOutput() method witihn the CommandManager class. According to Acroname's Brainstem reference, the cmdIIC_XMIT method (which is what the WriteiicOutput method calls) is reserved. But I'm pretty certain you can actually it without issue. An alternative to WriteIIcOutput is to build a custom command that doesn't map to any of the Brainstem's reserved command codes. Again according to the doc, a "dummy" message is simply relayed to the IIC bus. But before you worry about that, try the WriteIicOutput() method.

Oddly, it seems I never wrote the corresponding cmdIIC_RD. But, your wish is my command…. or BrainStem command. I whipped up what I think is the correct and you can download an updated version of CommandManager.cs from…..Manager.cs. The new method is called ReadIicInput()

Please note, that I haven't tested this method. If you attempt to use this, please post a response if this works as you expect.




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