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1:30 pm
April 3, 2010



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Post edited 9:06 am – April 14, 2010 by Paul

Hello all,

The comments section of each page supporting the various open-source projects I've authored was getting a bit troublesome, so I thought I'd give a forum system a try.


12:38 am
April 14, 2010



Thanks, Paul.  There are some rough edges here (the edit screen I'm typing this into is exceeding its table size).  But the real problem is I can't figure out how to register!  My wordpress login doesn't work, and I can't for the life of me find an actual "new account" or "registration" link.  I feel embarrassed just saying this, as I must be missing something obvious.  Please advise.


Rob Jellinghaus

8:13 am
April 14, 2010



posts 49

Post edited 8:13 am – April 14, 2010 by Paul

Hi Rob,

I'd made the decision not to allow site/forum registration, thinking people could simply post as guests. But, since you're the first to post on the forum, and you were interested in registration, I've reconsidered the decision. You should find a login/register option towards the top of the forum section.

I've also verified the edit screen exceeding the table size (the case for both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome). I'm working on that issue now. Thanks for the heads up.


1:22 am
July 11, 2011



New Member

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