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64 bit compatibility

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12:17 pm
December 13, 2010



Hey there,

I tried to use the wonderful OSC user-interface designer OSControl on my new 64bit-Windows7 system today – it crashes with an error message related to the bespoke OSC library it uses. The problem has been reproduced here:…

I know you are not the author of OSControl and not responsible for fixing this problem, but I think this might be a general problem related to using the Bespoke OSC libraries on 64bit Systems.

Is there any easy way to fix the problem?

Can I help?

Would be really cool to use the libraries on my new system as well…





2:29 pm
December 13, 2010



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Hi Felix,

The simplest way to address this problem, is to target your application to the x86 platform. Your Windows 7 64-bit OS happily supports 32-bit applications — indeed, I developed the Bespoke OSC library on Windows 7 64-bit. If your application (the one using the OscControl) has a "Platform target" of x64, you'll receive a BadFormatException trying to load 32-bit libraries (e.g. the Bespoke OSC libraries).

To target x86, go to the "Build" tab of the properties page for your application and change the Platform target.

Alternately, you can make everything target x64, which is possible because the Bespoke OSC Library is open source (and I imagine the OSCControl project is as well). Simply open up one of the Bespoke OSC Library solutions and change Bespoke.Common and Bespoke.Common.Osc to target x64.

If this works for you, you might consider cross-posting this to the OSCControl forum you mentioned.



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