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Bespoke OSC architecture

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9:39 am
February 5, 2011



Hello Paul,

I am currently a Master student at the MTG ( developing an OSC interface for the Unity game engine in order to support some work for my thesis, which is centered in soundscapes modelling and procedural audio.

I have a couple of questions regarding your library:

- I am implementing the OSC protocol by myself in C# (Mono), and I see from your code that there are parts that I can easily reuse, like the data serialization. Since I just need UDP transport, and since my background is Signal Processing (thus not very versed in Sockets programming) I decided to go my way, and learn how to do that. So, is it possible to reuse part of your code and then release it again under another different license, MIT license instead of MS-Pl, for instance? I read the Microsoft license terms, but it is still unclear to me.

- Second question is regarding the architecture of the library itself. As far as I understood you keep track of the IP endpoints in each packet, also composing a UdpClient as well. I have to send OSC messages to a soundscape system built in SuperCollider, and then I'll also have to deal with the possibility of controlling synthesis algorithms. Taking into account some of the problems that arise from this scenario, and also the best practices (…..nd-control), I thought about deferring the UdpClient's to a OSCHandler class, so I can manage better the number and relevancy of "events" that are going to be produced from and to the game engine. Is it correct, or overkill? What would be the difference of doing the other way around, as in your library?


Thank you!



1:11 pm
February 7, 2011



posts 49

Hello Jorge,

To your first question, I can't speak much on the legal aspects of mixing the Ms-Pl and MIT licenses. But I can say that I have no problem with you incorporating some of my code with yours and releasing it under a different license. All I'd ask is that you cite the original work.

To your second question, I don't quite follow what you're asking. The OscServer class within my library does defer the handling of events to external code — specifically through events. Thus, the entire Bespoke Osc Library simply encapsulates the OSC specification, and doesn't specify how one handles events — that's up to the user. If you could clarify what your intention is, perhaps I can comment on how my approach differs.


6:49 am
February 11, 2011



Post edited 6:50 am – February 11, 2011 by Jorge

Thanks a lot Paul, I will credit the original library once the release comes, no problem.

The second question is related with the "encapsulation" of the UdpClient's in every OSC message. I asked other developers more focused on audio development and it seems I can do that in a different way to suit my scenario better, which is a bit specific. So I will ask here again if needed.






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