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Bespoke OSC Library for Linux

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3:20 pm
July 18, 2011



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Post edited 3:21 pm – July 18, 2011 by Paul

This is in response to a post on the comments page:

Out of interest, what might be required to make this run on Linux?


Hello Luke,

Mono is your best bet for porting the Bespoke OSC library to Linux.
You sparked my curiosity, so I installed Mono (for Windows) and successfully ported the library and demo app in about 30 minutes. Works like a champ. I tested UDP unicast, multi-cast and TCP. All seems well.
Since Mono is cross-platform (as is MonoDevelop — Mono's response to Visual Studio) this should run fine on Linux. While in a past-life I was a Linux aficionado, I don't have a Linux box running at present, or I'd have done this work as well.
I've uploaded my Mono port to… and have likewise posted this link on the main OSC page. If you get this running on a Linux box, please let me know.

7:28 am
August 4, 2011



I'm also very interested if this would work for MonoTouch and MonoDroid ( so we can use it in iOS and Android.

11:39 am
August 4, 2011



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Hello Wouter,

I can't say. I have no experience with either MonoTouch or MonoDroid, and at $399 each, I'm not too interested in experimenting with these platforms. If their advertising is to be believed, then most non-UI C# code written against Mono or Visual Studio _should_ work. You'll have to try this out for yourself to be certain.

I scanned through their FAQs, and the .NET features supported by MonoTouch and MonoDroid, and nothing jumped out at me as gotchas.


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