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iOSC – iPhone OSC App Question

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12:57 pm
March 1, 2011



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I suspect that you'd configure your iOSC's "server" configuration to the IP address of the machine hosting the application you've written that incorporates the Bespoke OSC Library. Likewise, you'd match the "port" specification (understanding that you can choose any unused port number).

If you download the Bespoke OSC Library you'll find an OSCDemo appliction that can guide you on the library's usage. In particular, you should look at the "Client" project which contains an OscServer object. It's the OscServer object that's responsible for receiving and parsing OSC packets.




Reposted from Rouxbox on the comments section:


I am very new to OSC but I find this fascinating.

Recently I came across iOSC for Iphone (http://www.creativeapplication… ) and is convinced this is the way to demo our .net application changing parameters from the iOSC device and seeing how our .net application adjust.

The problem is where to start. The iOSC just allows “server” and “port” configuration settings. How can I capture the incoming event using your framework?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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