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Sending XML over OSC

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10:58 am
May 26, 2011



Is sending XML over OSC a good idea? I want to send objects from one application to another. I can serialize the object to XML send it over OSC as a XML string and deserialize it at the receivers end. Or should I use an array with all the property values bundled in one message. Any advice about this.

1:49 pm
May 26, 2011



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Hello Wouter,

In general, it seems strange that you'd serialize first to XML then to OSC for transmission across the network, only to deserialize at least twice (byte-stream to OSC, OSC to XML) and potentially a third time (XML to application-level object). Why not simply transmit the XML directly?

The idea of OSC is to provide a very lightweight-but-general-purpose protocol for data transmission. XML is general-purpose, but is a much heavier (more overheard) specification than OSC. Not only is the XML format specification heavier, but numeric data, in XML, is represented as strings. In OSC, an integer is only 4-bytes, but a string representation of the same integer could be up to 10 bytes (ASCII encoded). XML is all strings, all the time. 

So my answer is: certainly you can serialize XML as a string object in an OSC message, but I see little reason to do so. Instead, serialize the actual values stored within the XML, using their native types, through OSC. Or transmit the XML directly.


4:52 am
May 27, 2011



You convinced me to ditch the XML idea and put the actual values in the OSC message.

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