Hello! I’m Paul Varcholik.

I’m just your average geek, with many many hobbies. I built this site to share some information about a few of them.

I’m a software engineer, most recently with Electronic Arts – Tiburon where I worked on titles such as Madden NFL 06 (Xbox 360) and Superman Returns (Xbox 360/Xbox/PS2). I hold a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Valdosta State University and a Ph.D. in Modeling & Simulation from the University of Central Florida.

I also teach classes at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) and Seminole State College. I focus primarily on user interfaces, game development, and robotics utilizing C#, XNA, and the .NET Framework.

If you have any comments you’d like to send to me directly, I can be reached at pvarchol@bespokesoftware.org.

Thanks for reading.


  • Gestural Communication with Accelerometer-Based Input Devices and Multi-Modal Displays. 16th Annual ARL/USMA Technical Symposium. Oct. 2008, Atlantic City, NJ.
  • 3D User Interfaces in Video Games with the Bespoke 3DUI XNA Framework. Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2008. Jul., 2008. Redmond, WA.


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  1. mieke Caris on March 25th, 2008

    I liked one of your images. Project 3 (Ray tracer with shadows, reflection, and refraction)

    Project 3 (image 1) Project 3 (image 2) Project 3 (image 3)
    Can we use the image as a ‘decoration’ in one of our Florida Professional Development Modules. Offered for all Florida teachers first in CMS, later on WWW.
    This will be placed in Module 10 Project Reflection, Assessment and Evaluation.
    A. Caris Project manager FCIT
    USF, Tampa

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