OscServer PropertiesBespoke Osc Library
The OscServer type exposes the following members.

Public propertyConsumeParsingExceptions
Gets or sets the handling of parsing exceptions.
Public propertyFilterRegisteredMethods
Specifies if incoming Osc messages should be filtered against the registered methods.
Public propertyIPAddress
Gets the local IP address the server is bound to.
Public propertyIPEndPoint
Gets the local IP endpoint the server is bound to.
Public propertyIsRunning
Gets the status of the server.
Public propertyMulticastAddress
(Optional) Gets the multicast IP address the server is a member of.
Public propertyPort
Gets the local port number the server is bound to.
Public propertyRegisteredMethods
Gets all registered Osc methods (address patterns).
Public propertyTransmissionType
Gets the transmission type being used by the server.
Public propertyTransportType
Gets the selected transport type.
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